“A pleasant working relationship in which both parties are well aware of the expectations of the other”

Trilations is a consulting firm specialising primarily in the development of market strategies for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies worldwide. In addition, Trilations supports organisational transformation for the local Belgian market, more specifically within utilities. “We have become very active internationally, particularly in recent years”, says Johan Vermeiren, managing partner of Trilations. “Our company currently operates in 55 countries. We also opened two new offices next to our head office recently. In short, a lot of changes. This primarily meant that a far larger part of our business was being conducted with foreign customers and sales delivery offices – with all the implications this has for contract work. We were therefore on the lookout for a good legal adviser in this field in particular.”

Trilations found Four & Five – through Johan’s wife, who is also a lawyer. “From the very beginning, Anneleen Vander Elstraeten provided us with invaluable help, demonstrating in-depth know-how. Once mutual trust was established, the result was a pleasant working relationship in which both parties were very clearly aware of what to expect from each other.”

“In concrete terms, we have outsourced all Trilations’ contract work to Four & Five: they are now following up everything covered under the broad spectrum of intellectual property, work contracts, labour law, etc., on our behalf. The sense of relief this brings is immense. The firm’s greatest asset? It is primarily our pleasant, flexible collaboration – that makes all the difference in the end. Four & Five are also always open to dialogue, due to which we exchange know-how and knowledge, which in turn enables us to quickly find solutions to a wide range of situations. Finally, their impressive expertise in contract law has also proved to be a very strong asset.”

Johan Vermeiren (Trilations)