“You don’t need Google to decipher Four & Five’s advice”

Five years ago, a group of investors, including Frédéric De Gucht, acquired Sprimoglass. Sprimoglass is an independent glass transformation company, headquartered in Sprimont, producing double and triple glazing and other glass products for the B2B sector. To facilitate this acquisition, Dimitri Coun of Four & Five was engaged as business lawyer.

“Dimitri and his team brought the acquisition to a successful close. “After the acquisition, they really became our day to day partner for all legal matters” says Frédéric. “They guide us through every possible type of acquisition and important contract negotiations. For example, we recently worked together on a refinancing transaction.

“Four and Five’s greatest assets after five years of cooperation with Dimitri and his team?”

“A lawyer’s most important job is not only to point out certain risks and problems, but to provide solutions for those as well. That is why I enjoy working with Dimitri; he’s a pragmatic, hands-on lawyer who also looks at things from a business perspective, rather than just a purely legal point of view. A second asset is their availability; there are certain times – during a transaction or negotiations, for example – where you’ll need your lawyer to be at your beck and call round the clock. Dimitri was and is always available at those times.”

“Last but certainly not least is the clarity that Four & Five gives us. You don’t need Google to decipher the legal and other technical terms in Four & Five’s communication. They speak plainly and clearly in a one-on-one manner. In short, we’re satisfied with the cooperation based on the past five years. Highly satisfied, even.”

Frédéric De Gucht (Sprimoglass)