About a year ago, Pyramid, the investment group behind Pauwels Consulting, decided to acquire a majority interest in Ormit, a group of companies active in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ormit was a complementary fit with the services provided by Pauwels Consulting. They called upon Four & Five’s Dimitri Coun to steer the acquisition into the right direction.

 “We’ve known Dimitri for quite some time, and decided to jump ship with him as he moved on to Four & Five. Needless to say, there’s quite some trust and confidence involved in such a decision”, states managing director Bert Pauwels. “It’s relationships like these, with entrepreneurial and skilled specialists, that we feel very strongly about.”

“Dimitri and his team assisted us on all things legal during the acquisition: drafting and reviewing the share purchase agreement, renegotiating certain parts of such agreement with the sellers, offering up solutions and compromises, etc. A deciding factor throughout it all was Four & Five’s expertise in dealing with the international aspects of a deal, seeing as this was a cross-border acquisition. Through close cooperation with Dutch legal counsel, Four & Five put the entire legal structure in place in a time and cost efficient manner.”

“The response time at Four & Five truly is second to none. Anytime of day, you’re always able to reach someone. When we first called Dimitri to inform him about the contemplated transaction, he was about to board a plane for his annual holidays. He took the call regardless and ensured us that it would be business as usual. It’s that kind of personal engagement we strive for in our business and look for in our advisors.”

Another quality worth mentioning, is their broad in-house skill set: they have a specialist for just about any branch of company law.”