In 2014, the adventure of Jeremey Bonnevalle, Niels Buekers and Valon Rexhepi began with the creation of Fourcast, a company that offers customized Google Cloud solutions to companies focused on specific internal challenges or problems. The founders recently sold Fourcast to the French listed company Devoteam. Four & Five assisted the founders with the legal aspects of the transaction. 

Niels Buekers: “It was of course the first time that any of us had gone through such a processNevertheless, the team at Four & Five, headed by Dimitri Councreated a clear picture from the beginning of what would and would not be feasible. For Fourcast it was important to work with a partner who understood them and fully represented their interestsFour & Five took full ownership and knew when to switch gears and when to push. They also worked together seamlessly with our financial advisor, Anthony Meul at VGD, who crafted the commercial terms for the deal with Devoteam. 

During the transaction process, our day-to-day business kept going. When we required expert legal advice for one of our customer contracts, Dimitri introduced us to his colleagues of the Four & Five Tech/IT team. Thanks to their swift intervention, we managed to secure that customer contract.” 

Four & Five’s approach is very down to earth”, says Niels. The Four & Five team was just a phone call or whatsapp-text awaywhich was appreciated by our team. There was no hierarchical and aloof attorney-client relationship that makes it difficult to ask questions. There was also absolutely no talk of incomprehensible legalism. Everyone is always fully on board and willing to go the extra mile. 

Niels Buekers, CTO Fourcast