Four & Five thinks along proactively when it comes to our projects

It goes without saying that business owners want to gain valuable insights in the state of affairs of their company as well as in its short-term financial and operational matters. To meet this need, Nicolas Christiaen and Bart Claes developed the cashflow forecasting cloudsoftware “Cashforce’”. Cashforce integrates data from multiple sources (ERP systems; bank portals, etc…) and provides business owners with insights in the cash flow of their company, calculated financial forecasting, and guidelines on how to optimise cashflow.

“We already had an excellent working relationship with Anneleen Vander Elstraeten back at her previous law firm”, says Nicolas. “It was a partnership that opened up a great many doors for us, not in the least because of the contacts and experience Anneleen has built up with financial institutions, software companies and financial software, all three of which constitua “One of the assets at Four & Five is that we are not only supported by Anneleen, but by her team as well. Her team shares the same in-depth knowledge on all of our projects. Their collective role is simple but not easy: assisting us end-to-end, from the initial verbal agreement to the more formal partnership agreement, and negotiating on our behalf throughout the entire process. In practice this entails drafting highly specific and technical contracts, fine-tuning and re-examining existing documents,… all in function of getting us the best deal possible.”

“In my opinion, the wide-ranging sector experience and the “joie au travail” are two of Four & Five’s greatest assets. They also dig deeper and go beyond what you would expect from your run-of-the-mill legal counsel. At Four & Five, they look at things from both a legal and commercial perspective. Additionally (and this is a big one for us): at Four & Five, they think along proactively when it comes to our projects. This is paramount for us, as we are a company focussing on continuous growth and we constantly need support in respect of new types of contracts and/or new types of clients. The pro-active approach of Four & Five ensures that they can follow our stride and adapt alongside us.”