Four & Five is happy to announce that Maxime Verstrepen has become a partner to the firm as of January 2022.

She has been working together with Anneleen for many years and is on board with Four & Five since day one.

Maxime has extensive experience in commercial tech contracting practiced and applied in a broad range of playing fields such as artificial intelligence, consultancy, data analytics, financial services, healthcare, pharma, software (as a service), telecommunication, utilities, etc. Over the past years, her passion for technology and innovative players and her excellent cooperation with her clients has increased this particular expertise.

Maxime gets her energy from advising and guiding tech and other innovative companies, supporting them in their commercial endeavors. Being pragmatic in her approach, she supports clients from start to end in drafting, advising, and negotiating the appropriate legal framework for their businesses and accompanying agreements. Her negotiation skills ensure the best possible value for the companies and people she is assisting.

No matter the request, being it drafting terms and conditions for mobile applications or writing and negotiating substantial agreements for “multi-million dollar” IT projects, Maxime will ensure that our clients sleep sound. We are confident that they are in the best possible hands with Maxime as their partner during the entire process.

Maxime will continue assisting technology and innovative companies with their (commercial) legal day to day challenges together with her dedicated team that she has formed during the years.

Four & Five is convinced that Maxime’s expertise, personality and enthusiasm will continue to be a great asset to the firm and that she will form a strong partnership together with Anneleen, Dimitri and Tessa.

Maxime Verstrepen