“Four & Five employs people who take their jobs very seriously – not themselves”

“I was recruited by Four & Five during campus interviews on the KU Leuven Campus – which bring students into contact with potential employers through job interviews. I was immediately impressed by the open culture that I saw in Four & Five – it was a wholly different atmosphere to my previous internship experience with a law firm.”

“Although I did learn a number of things in that previous firm, they had a fairly traditional view of the legal profession, which meant that things moved rather slowly. Four & Five was and is much more business-minded, extremely responsive, provides advice to help the client forward, etc. I learned a lot during the month that I did my internship; and also, I didn’t have to work on just one court pleading for weeks on end.”

“My work was mainly concerned with corporate law: auditing, altering the articles of association, drawing up minutes for a board of directors meeting, etc. I even had the opportunity to complete the preparatory work for a seminar. In short, a very varied range of tasks within corporate law. I had all the freedom I needed, but guidance as well: I always had before me a model to compare myself with, and I could always approach the partners for additional advice. A short description of the firm? Four & Five employs people who take their jobs very seriously – not themselves.”