“Four & Five communicates clearly and pragmatically, which is very interesting for a non-legally trained client”

The start-up 4Gold, co-founded by cyclist Mathieu van der Poel, optimises sports performance by exploring new and revolutionary interfaces between sports nutrition and DNA. On this basis, the company develops, among other things, (patented) nutritional supplementation. “The discovery was that supplementation was not at all at the level of science”, says Brent Luyckx, CEO and co-founder of 4Gold. “Via our approach we can now, for example, determine very specifically how an individual athlete’s body will react to, say, proteins, iron or carbohydrates. With this information, personalized advice can be given.”

Four & Five provided and continues to provide legal assistance to the young company in all day-to-day aspects of its start-up and growth: IP protection, website privacy policy, competition rules, etc. “First and foremost, of course, they helped us with the shareholders’ agreement”, states Brent. “We were also able to rely on their know-how for drawing up collaboration agreements with partners. We are very satisfied with this collaboration, especially because Four & Five thinks very practically and communicates pragmatically. By this I mean that, unlike other law firms I’ve worked with before, they don’t use classical and often difficult to understand legal jargon , which is very interesting for a non-legally trained client. I’d also like to mention the fact that for every type of question – from a contract to privacy policy, for instance – they have a specialist within the office at their disposal.”

Brent Luyckx (CEO and co-founder 4Gold)