The office has a certain ‘swung’ that makes it very dynamic.

Last month the F&F team was joined by Jan Wouters, master student at KU Leuven with an outspoken preference for technology & IT law. About his introduction to Four & Five he says: “I got to know the office through the KU Leuven job fair and was immediately interested in an internship because of the specialisation of the firm and its intriguing presentation. A summer internship at a one-stop-shop office was an excellent opportunity for me to immerse myself in the field of technology”.

Our colleague Mathieu Le Boudec took Jan under his wings and gradually tried to fill his backpack as well as possible with interesting assignments: “From day one, I was given different tasks with a wide variety of content. I was able to sample different types of contracts and assignments within the technology department and to keep the variety level high enough, I also came into contact with M&A related documents. The responsibility I was given contributed to an extra intense learning experience”.

First impressions are very important, also for our summer interns. “Energetic, that’s how I would describe Four & Five.” This impression continued afterwards: “The office has a certain ‘swung’ that makes it very dynamic. Despite the respected distance during corona, the togetherness and group-minded approach made it a very pleasant working environment”.

Jan told us that his curiosity for technology & IT was only strengthened during his internship and we wish him every success in his future career!