Dimitri Coun

Spotting legal and business issues even before you’ve thought of raising the question? Offering relevant business advice far beyond the scope of what is strictly expected of a lawyer? Taking on the role of legal sparring partner for your business?

Meet Dimitri Coun, one of the founding partners of Four & Five.

Dimitri’s forward-looking vision has shaped what the firm looks like today. “Offering solid and sophisticated legal advice? That should be a given at any firm. At Four & Five, we want to go the extra mile and get in the trenches of doing business together with our clients.”

Clients confirm that Dimitri is very adept at empathizing with their cases, understanding all the intricacies of complex transactions as well as the points of view of all parties involved. He creates confidence and participates constructively in crafting the best deal possible for all parties.

Dimitri has been successfully guiding entrepreneurs, SME’s and larger corporations through various M&A transactions and joint-ventures for over 15 years. He has thorough expertise in mergers and acquisitions, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing, offering up solutions and compromises, etc. He is also a skilled specialist in corporate law, corporate restructurings and trade agreements.

Clients praise Dimitri because of his eye for detail. At the same time, Dimitri never loses sight of the bigger picture. His personal engagement for his clients and his far-reaching follow-up is what sets him apart as an outstanding lawyer.



  •  After obtaining his master’s degree in law (KU Leuven, magna cum laude), Dimitri went on to study Advanced Economic Studies & Corporate law. If there is a persistent myth that lawyers are bad with numbers, Dimitri is the man to debunk it!
  • Before founding Four & Five, Dimitri worked as a partner at Ligé, and as a senior associate and director at Allen & Overy and EY. All those years of working in an international environment have proven essential for dealing with the international aspects of deals.
  • Dimitri shows strong leadership skills and is excellent at training interns and associates to become excellent lawyers.
  • Dimitri is without a doubt our most patient and empathic lawyer, who will take the time to explain something until it’s absolutely clear. No matter how long it takes.
  • Dimitri is a native Dutch speaker and has near-native English drafting and speaking skills.