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Team Lia

Who is Lia?

Lia is one of the most cheerful and loving little girls you will ever meet. Sadly, she suffers from a very rare genetic condition, Kabuki Syndrome. Kabuki Syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting various aspects of Lia's development, caused by specific gene mutations. Due to this condition, Lia experiences delays in both physical and intellectual development. Additionally, she faces a range of health issues, resulting in a weakened immune system and frequent illnesses. Treatment involves providing support and care tailored to Lia's specific needs.


What is Team Lia?

Team Lia is a foundation incorporated in 2021 with a dual purpose: supporting Lia in her needs, ranging from medical care to specialized materials and support; and supporting research and awareness of Kabuki Syndrome in general.

Four&Five has initiated the incorporation of the foundation and has been closely involved ever since on a fully pro bono basis. One of our own, Céline van Aalst, has been the director of the foundation from the beginning and continues to support Team Lia along with the entire Four&Five team.


What is our goal?

Four&Five, together with Team Lia, aims to collect the necessary donations to provide the essential care and support for Lia, enabling her to live her life to the fullest. This includes working towards gaining access to medications currently challenging to obtain in Belgium and not reimbursed by insurance. By securing this treatment, we can strive towards several milestones, such as seeing her walk independently one day.

 Read more about Team Lia here.
 If you want to donate, please get in contact here.

Every donation is much appreciated and represents a small step forward, literally!”